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Many would agree that One Plus should pick their marketing slogan more carefully next time. While this indeed comes as no surprise, the decision leaves a bad taste in our mouths as the company did not officially announce this through their conventional announcement mediums which are otherwise frequently made use of.

It also puts into question similar promises made towards the One Plus 3/3T for an eventual Android O upgrade, as they just did break the same for the One Plus 2.

The One Plus 2 was announced in July 2015, coming preloaded with Android 5.1.1.Much like Apple Pay, Android Pay allows users to store credit and debit card information on their smartphones, and then wirelessly pay for goods and services quickly and securely.To make it more secure, Android Pay uses a virtual account number instead of your own, and also keeps a detailed history of purchases made using the app.The official word from the Big G at launch was: Asus stated that the Zen Watch 2 and 3 will get their Android Wear 2.0 updates in Q2 of 2017 and Google confirmed an April/May timescale. We now we have it confirmed that Wear 2.0 will be coming to the Zen Watch 3 on 11 July.As for the Zen Watch 2, we have also been told by Asus that that Wear 2.0 will be released as an OTA update in two waves.

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