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‘Cause it would suck if the use of 3-D didn’t get any more creative than the actors throwing coins and other objects at the camera while having sex.

Still, regardless of the actual quality, if this does well, it looks like there might be more 3-D porn cuming…er, spoof’s prior release?

Seit dem Kinostart in der vergangenen Woche spielte der Pornofilm demnach rund 1,3 Millionen Euro ein.

An den Gesamterfolg von "Avatar" dürfte er jedoch nicht heranreichen - weltweit spielte der Cameron-Streifen im ersten halben Jahr nach seiner Premiere im Dezember 2009 rund 2,7 Milliarden Dollar ein.

Der Film sei bei Büroangestellten, Studenten und Rentnern auf Interesse gestoßen, hieß es.

於警告懸掛時,如你未能到戲院觀賞電影,你可以於警告除下後三日之內,帶同戲票或購票時使用的信用卡/ 禮蜜卡,到觀看電影的同一戲院票房,更換相等於已購戲票數量既其他場次之戲票。 But if you cannot attend the show, please go to the respective cinema box office directly and present your tickets, credit card or gift card used in the order within 3 days after the typhoon or blackrain date to exchange the same number of tickets of other show as your purchased. 青藏高原上幾千年的文明,一直屹立在港人遙不可及的山嶺之上。藏語電影除了展現藏族生活及文化,更探究深植藏人心中的宗教文化,闡述更深層次的佛學思想。外表粗獷滄桑,內心穩重平靜,藏人的關係、情慾、矛盾等,都極少出現在鎂光燈下。常人難以感受的藏人生活,卻透過攝影機真切地紀錄下來。但藏族文化,在洪洪的時代烈焰洗禮下,已逐漸褪色。在燃燒炲燼的一天,又有多少文化能被完美留存?香港和西藏,其實也只是咫尺之遙... 情電影是錯是對?凌駕在道德層面的審判會導致潛在的性別歧視,而這背後隱藏的,則是傳統對女性的性壓抑和性霸凌。有趣的是45年過後,羅曼色情電影這主題交在新一代日本電影人手上,皆不約而同出現男女主次對換的情節,女性從被觀賞窺視,走向自我意識獨立。電影不再單純滿足男性的需求,而能使兩性平等地欣賞,滿足各自的需求。隨著女性整體社會地位的覺醒,女性在色情方面從被動走向主動,越來越多的女性願意欣賞色情電影... 購票辦法 TICKETING 親臨票房或自動售票機購買 Tickets available at the box office and ATM in the cinemas 電話購票 Phone Ticketing: 2388 3188 網上購票 Online Ticketing: *網上及電話購票均需收取手續費: 星期一至五每張, 星期六、日及公眾假期每張。 Handling fee will be charged on each ticket purchased online or by phone: per ticket (from Mon to Fri), per ticket (on Sat, Sun and public holidays) 影片等級 Film Categories 本宣傳單張出版時,是次節目之電影尚未獲電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處評列等級,如有電影被列為三級者,主辦單位將於戲院及售票網頁 The categories of films in the programme are not yet rated by the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration at the time this leaflet goes to print.But it is likely to result in Google being frozen out altogether on the Chinese mainland.Two months after threatening to pull out of the world's most populous country, Google said it was closing its China-based website and switching traffic to Hong Kong.Although Hong Kong was reunited with China in 1997, it retains a large degree of independence.It is a special administrative region of China and operates its own economic and political systems.

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