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He considers whether extra pay for good-looking people represents discrimination, and, if so, who is discriminating. Hamermesh finds that pulchritude is valuable in nearly all professions, not just those where good looks may seem to be an obvious asset."--Jim Surowiecki, New Yorker"This chatty, economist's-eye-view of beauty in the marketplace provides solid statistical evidence that beauty does pay."--Publishers Weekly"An extensive, dizzying compilation of economic data explaining 'why attractive people are more successful.' A 40-year veteran in the field of economics, Hamermesh examines the correlation between beauty and economics. Hamermesh investigates the commodification of beauty in dating and how this influences the search for intelligent or high-earning mates, and even examines whether government programs should aid the ugly.

This image of PHS from above (with old municipal boundaries pre-dating the January 1, 2013, consolidation of Princeton highlighted) predates the 2000s construction.Analysts surveyed by Fact Set had estimated earnings of 19 cents a share on revenue of 0.3 million.Separately, Match said that its Match Group Americas CEO Mandy Ginsberg would succeed Greg Blatt as Match CEO on Jan. IAC CEO Joey Levin will succeed Blatt as Match chairman at that time, and Blatt will remain a board member.The building complex to the right of the athletic fields and track is John Witherspoon Middle School, also pre-construction.Princeton High is located between Moore Street and Walnut Lane.

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