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When I first did research on Walmart’s workplace practices in the early 2000s, I came away convinced that Walmart was the most egregiously ruthless corporation in America.

However, ten years later, there is a strong challenger for this dubious distinction—Amazon Corporation.

View the full list One of the most striking features of the recent French presidential elections and the subsequent nomination of a new prime minister and his cabinet has been the attention paid by the French media to the linguistic competences of the nation’s politicians.

Certainly one of the best jokes to do the rounds after Emmanuel Macron was elected was that France now has a leader who speaks better English than the American president.

When Macron gave a speech in English at the Humboldt University in Berlin in January 2017, Marine le Pen was quick to criticise what she saw as a lack of linguistic patriotism.

But for others, Macron’s command of English is a sign that although he is very much a product of France’s elite educational institutions (and is widely admired for the elegance of his French) he is also prepared to be a citizen of the world.

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Amazon’s shop-floor processes are an extreme variant of Taylorism that Frederick Winslow Taylor himself, a near century after his death, would have no trouble recognizing.

But you will see the remains of most everything left behind. They crowd into coastal cities, mining compounds, fishing villages, and oasis towns.

The desert may be a heartless killer, but it's a sympathetic conservator. International teams of astronomers—perched in observatories on the Atacama's coastal range—probe the cosmos through perfectly clear skies.

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