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So, your grandmother may have advised you, “Don’t date anybody you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with.” There’s a certain truth there.

In some cases, those values are grounded in faith and in other cases they're not.It's hard to think of a more important need than the desire to find someone to love and who will love you.We wanted to offer a service that would help people match on a much deeper level.Extroverts are hooked on dopamine, a chemical that provides motivation to seek external rewards.When extroverts are in a social situation, dopamine floods their brains, and they feel on top of the world.

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Before you give up, do what introverts do best and take a moment to think before you act.

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  1. So when you end up dating someone your friend has already gone out with and then decided that it isn’t working out, there are a However, if you come to think of it, is dating your friend’s ex really such a bad idea?

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